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VAT Returns Filing

VAT Returns Filing is done once a month or once every four months. The rates are subject to the state the business is located in and the product dealt in, as different states pose different VAT on the selling of goods. VAT Registration is mandatory for businesses selling products and has an annual turnover of over five lakhs or ten lakhs in some states. Additionally, if a business operates at different locations, then the VAT Returns may be required to be filed at separate times.

Procedure for filing VAT Returns (2 Days)

Documents submission for registration

Document Submission

This is followed by preparing the VAT return, which is further sent to you for approval.

Vat Return Preparation

Based on the VAT return prepared, there may be VAT viability, which is required to be discharged.

Payment Of Vat

Once it is verified at your end, your return will respective department

Filing Complete

Registration process completed


  • Filing of Application
  • Connecting with appropriate affiliates
  • VAT Receipt and Return acknowledgement
  • VAT payments are required to be paid to banks on a monthly or quarterly basis as per the frequency determined by the VAT department.
  • VAT rates differ in different states.
  • CST, VAT & TIN and are all the same.

Yes. We will keep you updated with the date, the inspection is meant to take place. However, sometimes, there can be surprise visits.

Yes. However, if you choose to set up a business in your residence; it should have a separate entrance as that of your home.

No. the date of filing of returns differs from state to state and depends on turnover of the previous years; based on which it can be monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually.

The rate of VAT depends on the state the goods are sold. Additionally, it differs from state to state and product to product.

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