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Trademark Registration

A Trademark makes for a unique identity for a product or service. It could range from a jingle to a logo that is characteristic of a particular business. Most companies these days look for a name or logo registration. Trademark registration helps owners establish an identity of their own while additionally giving them a right to own that particular trademark.

Procedure for Trademark Registration (10 Days)

A thorough search in the directory to check whether a particular trademark is available. On availability, you make the payment while we file the authorization letter.

Search For Trademarks

You need to fill in your basic details in the form. Once filed by us, the symbol TM can be used by you.

Filing Form 1

We keep you update about the status of the registration.


Registration process completed


  • Expert Advice
  • Preparation of Draft
  • Two rounds of Iterations

Advantages of Setting Up a Trademark Registration:

  • A clear idea about the services to avoid any resentment on behalf of the user as well as the service provider
  • In case of issues related to service, a detailed instruction of how it will be resolved is mentioned
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Pan-India presence

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