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Joint Venture Agreement

When a group of entities/individuals come together to work on a particular venture but want to keep their individual identities intact is when they enter into a Joint Venture Agreement. It binds the said companies/individuals legally, while laying out clear rules regarding co-operation, division, profit-sharing, etc. However, according to the general norm, the said parties enter a Memorandum of Understanding before signing a Joint Venture Agreement.

Procedure to Obtain a Joint Venture Agreement (8-10 Days)

Understanding Your Requirements

Document preparation for agreement draft

Document Preparation

We keep you update about the status of the registration.


Registration process completed


  • Expert Advice
  • Preparation of Draft
  • Two rounds of Iterations

Advantages of Setting Up a Joint Venture Agreement:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with different entities while retaining your distinct identity
  • A bigger scope of venturing into different markets
  • Reduced risks
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