Ministry of Corporate Affairs Establishes Central Registration Centre

Ministry of Corporate Affairs Establishes Central Registration Centre

The Central Registration Centre (CRC) which came into effect from 26.01.2016 and was established with the motive of processing of applications of name approval e-form INC-1 for reservation of names under the provisions of the Act.

The new amendment gives additional benefits thus simplifying the process of choosing the name. The CRC shall be under the control of Registrar of Companies, Delhi until any other specific amendments for the same.

The Major Benefits Central Registration Centre (CRC) are as Follows:

  • The name of the company need not be in the same line with the principal objects of the company even if the name is indicative of an object.
  • Company names henceforth in abbreviated form or having no meaning or significance will be allowed.
  • Company can change its activity and continue to operate with the old name, even if the activities of the company are not in line with name of the company.
  • NOC is not required from any person for using the name of the person in a company name, even if that person is not a promoter or close blood relative.
  • Resubmission will be allowed for three times for the correction of mistake instead of two earlier.


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